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Interdisciplinary forum for vitamins and functional food

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can anybody join the GVF?

In general, anybody working in the field of vitamins and the scinece concerning them (i.e. individuals engaged in research institutions or enterprisis) can become a member of the GVF.


How much is the annual subscription?

The annual subscription to become a member in the GVF is 25,- Euro. Life sciences students are free during their studies.

How to receive information about the GVF?

In the section "Member application" you can order informative literature about our organisation by marking the adequate button. Thereof, we do not circulate general information or literature. Please use the link collection on our web site.


How to receive a password for the member area?

If you are a registered member you can apply in member application for a password. After consideration of your data you will receive your password by e-mail. Please note your password.


Does the GVF carry out research projects as well?

No, we do not carry out research projects as the GVF is mainly a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information between industry and universities.


Does the GVF offer advanced training programs?

Yes, we offer programs for physicians and pharmacists in particular. Please take a look at the part "Events" of our web site.


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